Start up

Hello everybody,

I guess I should start my by introducing myself.

My name is Swen. I’m the founder of Larian Studios, an independent game developer based in Gent, Belgium. Larian Studios has been around since 1997 and I’ve been running it ever since, so it’s fair to say that Larian is a large part of my life and that I take whatever happens to it quite personal.

The incentive for this blog was being called an idiot for the nth time by a certain Sergei Klimov, our newly appointed director of propaganda and publishing. His publishing outrage was focused at my habit of occasionally writing status updates on the Larian Studios forums. He said I might as well write my status updates on some wall in some desolate radioactive village and expect the same amount of readers. While I disagreed with that I succumbed to his pressure anyway.

My intention is to bring you regular updates not only about the life and tribulations of a game studio head, but also about how the games industry can be a vampire if you’re not careful.