OnLive available on mobile

I like OnLive – seriously, I really like it. If streaming of quality games really breaks through, it might be just the thing we need to make games truly mass market.

If you don’t know what OnLive is, try our game there. Pretty amazing stuff considering everything that is required to make this a reality.

The risk is of course that they’re on the market too soon, and that the necessary infrastructure won’t be in place when it needs to be. Judging from my first royalty reports from OnLive for a game that wasn’t even really adapted to the platform, there’s definitely a market there.

I hope their market will be large enough to allow them to grow sufficiently so they can remain independent. I in any case plan to make sure all of our future games are compatible with it, and support it well.

The worst thing that can happen is that OnLive gets sold too soon. It needs to remain a service provider on which everybody can release their games to any platform that can stream it, and not become a platform specific or IP specific channel.

Some time ago the rumor circulated that they were going to be sold to a mobile phone vendor. If that would be true, it might very well mean the end of it, depending on the popularity of the phone and the quality of service. I can imagine that the initial investors in the service might be attracted by the proposition of a fat cheque now, but it really would be a bad thing for the advancement of cloud gaming.

Proprietary game platforms tied to specific hardware are a source of misery, and responsible for slowing down the advancement of the state of the art.