Dragon Commander at E3

[In which I discuss that I’m happy about how the press is reacting to the showing of Dragon Commander at E3]

As promised, here’s an update about our adventures at E3.

Today I’ll focus on Divinity – Dragon Commander & tomorrow I’ll hopefully get a chance to do Divinity – Original Sin. After that I’ll shut up about our games for a bit and talk about other games industry stuff again, because pretty soon you’ll start thinking that this blog is only here to promote our new games (which of course it is, but it’s supposed to be done in a sneaky way 😉 )

Anyway, if you don’t feel like reading, just watch this.

But if you want some context, read on!

In a nutshell, so far I think our showing has gone really well. The first article to come out of the presentations was from Destructoid, and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely take a look. The writer, Jim Sterling, seems to have gotten the idea of what we’re trying to do & why it could be a cool game. Obviously if the article had been bad, I wouldn’t have mentioned it, so expect some positive stuff in there 😉 Thanks for that Jim !

Thomas has also been interviewing journalists & distributors coming out of the presentations, and I think he’s got about 40 or so really enthusiastic people on tape saying nice stuff about the game, so what’s in the video really is but a small selection. It actually surprised us that these journalists wanted to go on the record like this, so we’re quite appreciative of that.  I don’t think you need to have a lot of empathy to understand exactly how motivating that is and I guess those that went on the record understood that, so I’ll probably need to retract a few of the things I’ve said about the media in the past 😉

All these reactions are a big deal to us because Dragon Commander is a complex game that doesn’t easily fit in a single genre category. Obviously that’s our choice, so we shouldn’t complain, but to be able to actually also sell the game, positive media will help us a lot. For one thing, it’ll help ensure that a large enough group will at least give the demo a shot and once that happens, we hope that the game will be good enough to take care of the rest. Getting people to try Dragon Commander is high on the list of things that keeps me awake at night.

In the interest of full disclosure, we have been feeding some of the journalists Belgian beer, and I don’t know how much that affected the reaction shots.

Anyway, if you’ve been following Dragon Commander, then you should recognize after watching the video that we’ve been showing quite a lot of new features at E3 we didn’t talk about before.

In short, these include multiplayer, 3D & 2D RTS-style control of your fleet, a teleport ability for your dragon and how the political gameplay can effect your strategy map. Rest assured we’ll be talking a lot more about these in the future.

Right, I really need to go get some sleep now. Tomorrow is the hardest day of E3, the last day 😉