Divine pumpkins

Where I grew up, the concept of Halloween festivities was completely alien. We had things like All Saints and All Souls days, but those were very serious affairs. That’s clearly changed now, and having 4 kids of which at least 3 remind me regularly that it’s Halloween ensures that I cannot escape the party, but to be honest, I still haven’t figured out why people say Happy Halloween. I tried wikipedia, but tbh, that didn’t really educate me on why it’s a party.

Originally intended as an ingredient in witches brew, pumpkins were recently upgraded to helmets in Divinity: Original Sin, provided you have the right item combination...

I do like the pumpkin thing however – so much that we did thisΒ with them in Divinity: Original Sin (edit: for some reason video links aren’t working in WordPress, so I put a link to facebook for the time being) – and now we’re looking for some inspiration as to what special powers this particular item combination will give you. Anybody who comes up with an idea that gets implemented, gets a Larian pumpkin !!!

And, happy Halloween to you all πŸ™‚

  • Kenneth Kully

    A couple thoughts come to mind.

    1) If the pumpkin helmet gets smashed, smashed pieces of pumpkin should be added to your inventory. If you combine these with flour, water, and some sort of pan, you should get a pumpkin pie as a result. Keep the item interactivity going!

    2) It’d only be natural to have the pumpkin helmet inspire a bit of fear in one’s enemies, and increase the chance that they flee in terror when confronted by the wearer.

  • js

    Stupid idea #426
    The pumpkin transforms you into a chicken on friday 13th/Oct 31st

  • LightningLockey

    “Happy Halloween” started being said once the day became commercialized and turned into a holiday for kids. Before that, here in the US, it was a night of mischief. Now with Halloween celebrated, our mischief knight is the day before.

  • searanox

    3) Have different carvings on the helmets give different effects. A scary face might inspire fear in enemies and make them run away, while a sad one would make them more likely to ignore the player out of pity.

    4) Combine various reagents like saltpeter and place them on the ground to make festive pumpkin-bombs!

    5) Eyes that shoot flames. Need I say more?

    6) Extra backpack space – hollow the pumpkin out and carry your inventory around in it, complete with a unique backpack UI graphic.

  • AlexF

    Halloween may not be celebrated everywhere but both my country and Belgium (according to wikipedia) celebrate the Carnival. Here it takes place at the end of February or the start of March, usually (it depends on the christian eastern). It has aspects that are different than halloween, like different origins, no trick or treating, etc. but we do have masquarades and parades on the streets and a whole slew of different traditions varying from town to town. The biggest celebration of the Carnival worldwide, of course takes place in Rio, Brazil. All in all I think it’s a celebration affecting more countries than Halloween but the spirit of fun and mischief is the same.

  • reddwarf

    Carved pumpkin helmet has a really big dissadvantage – in warm surroundings it starts to smell (horribly!). So if you are a little bit longer in such place, the helmet should poison you πŸ™‚ (but it could be also used as a stinky bomb with poisoning effect).

  • Ryan Dann

    Wearing a pumping helmet should give you a % chance of having hostile npcs ignore you. They see you then comment that your simple minded, and call you stupid etc. If you do fight you get a few extra rounds while they realize your just a weirdo who likes pumpkins, and killing.

  • arne

    I believe the pumpkin was supposed to scare of monsters,
    so it could be something like “undead don’t attack you for 24 ‘hours’ ”
    but that would be too simple I suppose.

    What about halloween npc’s that are normally invisible? e.g. werefulf, skeleton, vampire…
    or just entry ticket to halloween town?

    O yes, any talisman you’re currently equipped with to protect against monsters etc. should now give a negative bonus (since you’re dressed like a monster yourself πŸ™‚

    happy halloween!