Kickstarter campaign – day 5

Update – stats from when we reached 2/3rds of our funding goal( 266K):

I took this after being on IGN for 9 hours - doesn't look like it was worth the effort for our campaign

Original post

This going to be a very short post because I need some sleep, but I just wanted to mention how motivating it is to see all these shows of support and how helpful all our fans and backers have been. I’m exhausted but reaching 63% of our funding goal (252K at present) in 5 days is just amazing and it’s very easy to find energy amidst so much support.  And the feedback we’ve received is worth gold – that alone is a reason to do a campaign like this – now I understand what Brian Fargo & the guys at Obsidian were shouting about all the time. It’s one thing to be reading about it, it’s a completely different thing to be in the middle of it. Anyway, that’s it – I actually just wanted to share a few stats from our campaign:

The average pledge amount so far is $44.23 (really high imho so we have generous backers). We’ve had 30118 video views and of those 17,78% finished the video, both numbers low imho so we need to do something there. We are now at a conversion rate of 18,9% so that’s dropped but it’s still pretty high.

Kickstarter itself turns out to be pretty important as well as RPS, the Watch & the Codex.

Tomorrow we’re going to launch an update that is going to change our approach a little bit, focussing less on the features of what we’re doing and telling more of the story & world that we’ve been creating. We’ll also modify our rewards as much as we can & introduce a few new things. And, we’ll emphasise single player a bit more – it’s true that we didn’t do that enough whereas it’s actually the most important bit.

And with a bit of luck, there’s also be Dragon Commander news, because obviously, that team hasn’t been sitting idle!




  • JackDandy

    Can’t wait to see it!
    Also- features aren’t at all a bad thing to show off, it’s always just on how you present them

  • Poon

    This is really interesting, I hope you regularly show us how the statistics are evolving. In fact, I would suggest that you post this more prominently on the Kickstarter page itself, so you can get a little competition going between some of the big-name websites.

  • Merendrious

    On the RPS hands on there was this paragraph :

    Those consequences are not necessarily scripted. Become more deceitful
    and, sure, the game may remind you with textual cues, but Larian are
    creating something vanishingly rare – an RPG with a world that is
    founded on systems rather than scripts. That’s not to say there isn’t a
    huge amount of text in the game, nor that it’s uninteresting, but
    Original Sin encourages experimentation, in both design and play.

    I would love to see an update about that (the system-based things, that not all is scripted), and a bit more clarification. Cause it sound very interesting and the kickstarter itself does not say much about that.

    • Swen Vincke

      We’ll do so

  • Gui ‘Baalka’ Z

    Maybe you should focus a little less on the videos -RPG fans love text. Tons of. Thanks for the post!

    • Swen Vincke

      Wall of text coming up, don’t you worry.

      • Gui ‘Baalka’ Z

        Thanks for the wall, pleasant and extremely interesting.

        Otherwise, Larian being Larian… Well, I expect to be surprised (that’s something you’re definitly good at), but I surely don’t worry!

  • Cusìth

    I’m afraid I won’t be taking part in the kickstarter I’m kinda fed up paying for European developers games in US Dollars. Hopefully you’ll open up pre-orders though Larian vault. All the same, best of luck with everything.