The good, the bad and the unexpected

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

How can a good thing be a bad thing? And how can a bad thing be a good thing ?

This game should be releasing any moment now on, and yes it is LMK!

Those are two questions that have been stressing me for the last few days, and if you read my last entry, you already know that I wasn’t exactly in a state of zen to begin with. So what happened this time?

Well, let me start with the easy part, and to be fair, also the part that occupied me the least because it turned out to be a good thing.

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Hatching the Anthology

The Divinity Anthology in all its glory!

I got an email today from a very good creative producer I’ve known for years, commenting on the price point of the Divinity Anthology which we released today.

.”..30 bucks for either digital or boxed?! Are you fucking NUTS? I mean, you/Divinity should receive presents on its birthday, it shouldn’t give away any…  I gotta ask what your margin is – and you surely don’t have to answer that.   ;)”

The man has a point. But really, it’s been a crazy month, and you’re not going to believe the business logic we’ve been applying… While I don’t know what the end of this story is yet , I can tell you how we got to where we are today and what our hopes and aspirations are. Whether or not these will prove to be vain, we’re about to figure out…

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Of Kickstarter & one thing I think game journalists should do

[In which I discuss that I like Kickstarter, point out some of the dangers implicit in the model, and urge journalists to publish links to developer’s online stores ]

In a couple of months it will be 10 years since Divine Divinity was released, and as you can expect, we’ve been organizing a little side-project to celebrate the occasion. Part of my job in preparing for this, is delving into the archives of Larian.

It’s something I hadn’t done in quite a while, and I smiled a lot seeing old pictures, like for instance the ones from our old offices being flooded by Kirill, our brilliant but occasionally forgetful composer, who happened to take a bath 😉

The big flood of 2003 - at 03:00 am we get a call that Kirill stayed late in the office, and something went wrong 😉

Some memories remain sensitive though, and at some point I found myself getting all excited and upset again over something that happened more than 10 years ago.

Surprisingly, it made me think about Kickstarter, online stores and something I think every single game journalist should do.

Here’s the story…

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